Design Tips for adding Mirrors to your home

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" ~ Evil Queen

At Ashbrook Antiques we just love mirrors, and we always like to keep a wide range of them in stock. Here are five reasons why we recommend you consider adding some mirrors to your home:

Stylish way to Hide Imperfections

Have an unfortunate mark on the wall? Save on the paint or the plaster and hang a mirror up to cover whatever blemish lies behind it.

A Mirror Creates the Illusion of Space

In small or narrow rooms, a strategically placed mirror can be very effective in creating an illusion of space. For example, in a narrow hallway, placing a mirror on a long wall space can give the illusion that the hallway is wider – problem solved!

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A Mirror Increases Lighting in a Room

Mirrors can work wonders when placed in a dark room to brighten up a space. When you place a mirror opposite the light source, typically the window, it reflects the natural light, and can instantly boost the lighting in the room.

A Mirror Makes a Statement

Mirrors can make a huge statement in a room. As you can see from the range of mirrors featured on our website, they have the potential to offer so much more than just a reflection. For example, this incredible piece combines a mirror with a beautiful oil painting

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Mirrors Will Not Hinder Your Redecoration Plans

If you are the kind of person who is fond of a new paint colour on the walls more frequently than the average Joe, it might be worth considering filling a large wall space with a mirror rather than art work. Redecorating may be frustrating if you are trying to come up with an alternative colour scheme while being restricted by the colours featuring on art work on the wall. This is a problem which could be easily avoided if you instead fill the space with a mirror – the colours on the walls are not going to clash with it!


We can’t forget the important practical use a mirror has – give yourself a smile on your way out the door!

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