French Copper Bath


Impressive, sizeable authentic antique French Copper Bath. Versatile in its uses- from stick box to garden feature for planting.



This impressive antique copper bath of authentic French origin is a rare find, bringing rustic warmth and character in abundance. This is a truly versatile piece - it may be used as a fireside stick box as we have styled here, but could also be used to house flower/plant pots in a conservatory or garden area, to hold umbrellas and outdoor shoes, or as a beverage ice bath for functions, etc. Antique copper pieces are extremely versatile. Ashbrook Antiques stocks an abundance of varied pieces mostly of authentic French origin, some more rustic than others. Polished or unpolished, such pieces are valuable both for aesthetic appeal and endless possibilities for quirky use.


135.5 cm in length, width: 52 cm and 32.5 cm at wider and narrower end respectively, depth: 63.5 cm and 60 cm at wider and narrower ends, respectively.

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